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Wang, Mei-Jung

Name: Sebrina Wang
Telephone Office: 07-8060505#23000,31313
Education: Graduate School of English, National Kaohsiung Normal University (PhD) University of Edinburgh, UK (MSc)
Category: Full-Time
Position Titles: Professor and Dean and Vice-President
Research expertise: English Reading, Computer assisted language learning,English for specific purposes
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school year Journal level Title (title)
107SSCI,The right brew? An analysis of the tourism experiences in rural Taiwan's coffee estates
105其他,Redesign the Courses to Enhance Students’ Engagement in Blended Learning Environments
104其他,From perceived needs to material design: Users evaluating the effectiveness of a self-developedEnglish for MICE textbook in a Taiwan hospitality and tourism university
103其他,Development of students’ ESP competence in the hotel industry
102SSCI,Social presence for different tasks and perceived learning in online hospitality culture exchange
101THCIExploring the relationship between EFL students’ writing errors and genres of reading articles: the case of an online reading and writing competition.
101THCI-coreAutomated Writing Evaluation: Students' Perceptions and Emotional Involvement
101SSCI,Emotions and pair trust in asynchronous hospitality cultural exchange for students in Taiwan and Hong Kong
101其他,The Design and Practice of an English Textbook for Restaurant
101其他,The influence of teacher presence in blended learning: A case study in a postgraduate course
100SSCI,Using multimodal presentation software and peer group discussion in learning English as a second language
100其他,Acoustic analyses of Chinese and English vowels
99其他,Learning from overseas internships: Program and evaluation.
99SSCI,Online collaboration and offline interaction between students using asynchronous tools in blended learning.
99其他,Tasks and challenges faced by teachers in handling an online project.
99THCISocial presence of inservice teachers in distance learning
98其他,The ability of college students to think critically as displayed in online discussion.
98其他,Pedagogical practice and students’ perceived effectiveness of web-based automated speech evaluation.
98其他,A study on the integration of online competition into an English course.
98其他,A preliminary study on the policy and the reality of ICT integration into English instruction
98SSCI,Web based projects enhancing English language and generic skills development for Asian hospitality industry students
97其他, Does it work? Ability-grouping and instruction,
97其他,Students' perceptions of web-based text sketching
97其他,What can teachers and students achieve in a ubiquitous hospitality English learning platform.
95O,The Order of Difficulty in Relative Clause Learning for Chinese EFL Students
95O,An acoustic analysis of Chinese and English consonants stops produced by native speakers and EFL learners
95O,How Do Senior High School Students of Different Genders Use Intensity Devices in BBS Postings and in Weekly Journals?