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International Bachelor Program in Chinese Culinary Arts

Introduction to International Bachelor Program in Chinese Culinary Arts

  In a globalized environment, competition in the food industry is dynamic and constantly changing. In order to be constantly competitive in such a complicated environment, in addition to fostering talents with excellent cooking skills, we must also encourage students to become creators with tastes superior to others to set the trends. The curriculum planning is unique to the general college of cooking and deploys local advantages to demonstrate our uniqueness and enhances our strength in worldwide competition. Ignoring those famous cooking colleges in other countries that are mainly based on teaching the French style of Cooking, our curriculum is mainly based on Chinese cooking. However, neither in application of theory nor in skills and technology is the French style of cooking much more mature than Chinese style of Cooking. Therefore, we plan to begin with the European style of cooking, further complemented by a full set of Chinese techniques and followed by Japanese and Southeast Asian styles of cooking. During a 4-year schedule of learning, in addition to providing students with a vast quantity of in-class kitchen practice, we also encourage our students to learn issues relevant to food and principles of effective leadership, with the hope of enlightening students’ potential for creation and expand their vision through solid training of cooking; furthermore, the learning program can also enhance their “critical thinking” ability.

(Hyperlink to Relevant Information: http://icap.nkuht.edu.tw/main.php)