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International Bachelor Program in Tourism Management

Introduction to International Bachelor Program in Tourism Management

  As indicated by the analysis report from the 2000 World Tourism Organization (WTO), “Tourism” has become the primary source of foreign exchange earnings for many countries; WTO further predicts that by 2020, the population of tourists around the world would increase from 1.6 billion to 2 billion people and earnings from worldwide tourism would increase to 2 trillion US Dollars. With such a vast scope of business opportunities and a growing need for manpower, the International College, with many years of experience in the education of tourism, can prepare students to fill these future roles.

Overlook World from Tourism
  The Learning Program for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Tourism is based on “Traveling” and “Tourism” and includes various courses, such as travel agency, worldwide travelling sales and distribution system, ticket booking affairs of airports and casinos. Meanwhile, we are also launching a “learning program with cross-field credits” so that students can select different courses and thus possess a diverse specialty and be inspired through the process of learning.

There are no problems for a foreigner learning in Taiwan, even in a different language.

  In order to allow foreign students to have a better understanding of Taiwanese culture and reduce the discomfort of living in a foreign country, we have especially arranged a larger variety of courses regarding tourism and travelling in English so that these foreign students can learn more effectively and thoroughly. Through interaction with Chinese classmates and courses in English, the school will make them feel that Taiwan is really a friendly country, and foreign students will experience Taiwanese culture from basic daily encounters with food, clothes, residence and traffic, from customs and religion to modern buildings, from a navigation of history and culture to observations of common life to acquire a complete knowledge of Taiwanese Culture.

Connection between Our Students and the International Community
  The idea behind learning Tourism-related courses in English is simple – “to connect with the International Community”. English is the most common and popular language in the modern world; hence, messages and professional knowledge are mostly written in English, and by learning in English students can get the message first-hand. Travel and Tourism is more than just a movement; elites coming from other countries will also have great opportunities in the world by having both a fluent foreign language and knowledge of culture and tourism.

  According to statistics, earnings of worldwide tourism have increased from 6.8 billion US dollars in 1960 to 454.5 billion US dollars in 1999, an increase of 66.2 times. WTO further predicts that earnings will continue to increase to 2 trillion US dollars by 2020; with a growing demand for manpower, our graduates will have a great opportunity for employment in the Tourism Industry. National Kaohsiung College of Hospitality and Tourism, because of its hardware, software, professional teachers and premise for learning, is the 1st choice in Asia.

  With the spirit of “ globalized locality” as the guidelines, practiced orientation and culture as the main contents, we cultivate “diverse talents for international tourism” with both practical skills and intellectual knowledge. The establishment of the “Learning Program for a Bachelor’s Degree in International Tourism” and the English Professor is helpful to our students to enhance their efficiency of foreign language; then, foreign students can learn a variety of professional knowledge regarding International Tourism without language obstacles.

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