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International College

  The International College aims to globally expand our hospitality education thoroughly, integrate all features of research across colleges, schedules and expertise with a flexible framework of thought and embody the educational targets of “cultivation of humanity”, “professional education”, “operations in corporation” and “international exchange”. These goals present professional features beyond the function of integration and independence, plan every function of learning and efficiency in fields relevant to Hospitality and Tourism, cultivate professional talents with wide vision and competitiveness and build up an environment to learn Hospitality with international and world-leading vision.

  The organization of the International College is divided into four departments, “Applied Japanese Language Department”, “Applied English Language Department”, “Learning Program for Bachelor’s Degree of International Tourism”, and “Learning Program for Bachelor’s Degree of International Cooking”; they feature the goals of “a superior level of a foreign language, practical basis, world-wide vision and overseas practice”. With the concepts of excellent foreign language capabilities and a practical education in mind, the International College intensifies the level of professional attitude and team work, fosters competitiveness and talents with foreign language skills in Hospitality and Tourism and solidifies students’ ability to work overseas and progress into a more advanced education.

  The International College, carrying its core capability indicators in mind, which are “Professional Altitude”, “Occupational License”, “Teamwork”, “Worldwide Vision”, “Professional Foreign Language” and “Humanitarian Literacy”, promotes the exchange among countries through cross-country enrollment of talented students for our Advanced Hospitality Education, expanding our students’ vision in globalization and internationalization, injecting more vitality and raising our students’ expectations to give themselves opportunities in other countries, becoming part of the a desired elite with professional literacy.