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Department of Applied English

Introduction to Department of Applied English

As the first school in Taiwan to specialize in Hospitality and Tourism, we have such concepts as “Professionalization, entrepreneurship, humanity and internationalization” in mind to promote and improve our education regarding Hospitality and Tourism to cultivate our students’ ability to work professionally, learn new things and be innovative, in order to become competitive professionals that can meet with job demands.

  In recent years, the service industries of Hospitality and Tourism have been so prosperous that the demand side of employment has been greater than the supply side, both in Taiwan and throughout the international community. In addition, with the progress of technology and civilization, the concept of “world village” has formed so that being fluent in the international language becomes the best tool to “connect with the world”. In line with demands of Hospitality and Tourism industries, upgrades in the national industry and features of school development, we have exchanged and communicated with relevant industries and heard comments and suggestions from scholars and experts; upon reaching an agreement, we both realized that knowledge with practical experience will be ideal for the industry.

  For this reason, discussed and determined in the Enrollment Committee, with planning from the Office of Academic Affairs, and later passed in the School Affairs Review Conference, we decided to establish the Department of Applied Foreign Languages in the 95th School Year and enroll the top 50 among graduating seniors from (vocational) high school with the best performance in English and established the Applied English Department officially in the 98th School Year.
II. Principle and Orientation of the Departmental Curriculum

  Through language training regarding Hospitality, Tourism and other professional fields, diverse talents with an optimal level of English regarding Hospitality and Tourism were fostered such that they are able to make use of all their talents immediately after graduating. We promote professional skills in practice, thus leading domestic education of Hospitality and Tourism, as well as influencing the industries of Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation.

III. Target of Teaching

  1. Combine Theory and Practice, intensifying the level of training for students’ professions in Hospitality and Tourism.
  2. Foster students’ humanitarian literacy with the spirit of service.
  3. Foster talents with a creative framework in management accompanied with worldwide vision.
  4. Foster talents with a professional level of English communication and expressions, as well as to pass the standard of Language Accreditation, corresponding to 750 and above in the TOEIC.

IV. Description of Course

  In accordance with the standards stipulated by the Applied English Department of the University for a nine-year Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, we implement such features in our school and invite relevant industries and scholarly circles to discuss the following with us in conferences:
  1. Professions regarding Hospitality and Tourism
  2. Intensify the basic level of English efficiency (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
  3. Professions Regarding Hospitality and Tourism in English – Service Model of Hospitality and Tourism, Service Model    of Traveling, Model of Language and Culture
  4. Group Report on Topics Studied in English
  5. Professional Curriculum regarding translations (written and oral)
  6. Second Foreign Language(Japanese)
  7. Foreign and National teachers’ instruction style in class

V. Relevant Supporting Measures

The relevant measures adopted for the establishment of this Department are as follows:
  1. Discuss and Plan the curriculum, in which the relevant procedures are scheduled to be finished in the 2nd Semester,    the 97th School Year and then reported to the Ministry of Education.
  2. Recruit more excellent teachers with an optimized efficiency in English.
  3. Provide teachers trained in a high quality of English efficiency for professions in Hospitality and Tourism to practice in    the industry.
  4. Search for overseas sister schools and strive for opportunities for teachers and students to study or have a study tour    in English-based countries.
  5. With the advantages of our Sandwich Style in Teaching, we arrange students to have industry practice overseas.
  6. Promote Minor English programs to intensify English efficiency across departments of our school and enhance comp   etitiveness in employment and advanced education.

VI. Prospective Efficiency
  1. Combine the advantages of Language Capabilities in Hospitality and Tourism with industrial practice to foster
   competitive graduates in worldwide Hospitality and Tourism industries.
  2. Only excellent students and teachers that immerse themselves with a thick atmosphere of foreign language can
   strengthen their abilities.
  3. Provide students aiming to enhance English efficiency in other departments with the opportunity to attend minor
   programs or twin-major studies for the best possible performance.
  4. With strongly efficient and professional foreign language teams such that our Foreign Language Training and Test
   Center for the service industries of Hospitality and Tourism can be developed.

VII. Prospects after Graduation
  1. Advanced Education
   Graduates who intend to pursue advanced education can file for other domestic or overseas institutes, as well as our    school.
  2. Employment
   (1) Intermediate-senior level of offices in industries relevant to Hospitality and Tourism.
   (2) Public Relations, Customer Service, Coordinator, Foreign VIP Receptor in a Restaurant & Hotel.
   (3) A variety of Professional English translator positions for Hospitality, Tourism and conference services.
   (4) Foreign tour guide, team leader in travel agency and contactor or coordinator with other countries.
   (5) Ground service or Flight attendants for Airline
   (6) Navigation Guide in English in any unit
   (7) Study for credits of education to be an English teacher in a secondary school.
   (8) Study minor program of Hospitality and Tourism for other relevant industries.
   (9) Other secretarial or English-based jobs

(Hyperlink to relevant information: http://ae.nkuht.edu.tw/main.php)