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Department of Applied Japanese

Introduction to Department of Applied Japanese

  We were originally the Japanese Language Group of the Applied Foreign Language Department, which was established in August 2006; at that time, we recruited graduating seniors from (vocational) high school with a basic level of the Japanese Language (above N4 Grade), and we adopted a four-year technology system. In order to foster more talents and enlarge the number of enrollment, by order of the Ministry of Education, we became an independent department called the Applied Japanese Language Department in August 2009, aimed to foster more diverse talents with excellence in the Japanese Language through strict training specific for a high level of efficiency in the Japanese Language and a professional level of the Japanese Language regarding Hospitality and Tourism, as well as knowledge and skills regarding Hospitality and Tourism, such that after graduation, they can immediately apply all that they learned in the workplace. We promote profession skills in practice to lead the domestic industry of Hospitality and Tourism and drive trends of Tourism and Recreation.

 We set up certain criteria for graduation; graduates must receive a grade of N1 or higher in the Japanese Efficiency Verification Test. We teach with the hopes of meeting the following goals: to strengthen fluency in the Japanese Language (listening, speaking, reading, writing), to find professions in the Japanese Language of Hospitality and Tourism, to perfect a Second Foreign Language, to offer practice in Hospitality and Tourism and to encourage practice in a domestic/Japanese industry within a year and a visit or study program overseas, etc.

  We have a comprehensive range of equipment and Teachers in the Chinese/Japanese Languages with solid excellence. We welcome anyone with an intermediate level of the Japanese Language and dreams of working in the service industries of Hospitality and Tourism.

(Hyperlink to Relevant Info: http://japan.nkuht.edu.tw/main.php )